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Physical Security Information Management

Axxon Intellect Enterprise

Axxon Intellect Enterprise is a PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) Software capable of combining intelligent video analytics and several types of vertical solutions e.g. facial recognition, POS systems, vehicle license plate recognition.

Axxon is fully ONVIF compliant which means it can be connected easily to all types of security or building management devices and applications.

Using these abilities, Axxon Intellect Enterprise is able to provide the user with a holistic security solution, which spans across different sub-systems, all from a single interface.

Key Features

Unlimited Scalability

Cost Effective - No maintenance fees

Universal Connectability 

Intelligent Analytics

Modular Design

Object Orientated Flexibility


Face Recognition

People Counting & Heat Map

Forensic Search

Queue Management

Video Detection Tools

Edge Analytics

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