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CHH are a authorised and certified implementation partner of Axxonsoft - the software developer behind Axxon One Video Management Software - a limitlessly scalable video management software that fits both small and large video surveillance installations, including multi-location deployments. Axxon One stands out as one of the best video management software options leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence to deliver unique value, featuring intelligent video management system capabilities and customizable video analytics.


Retrieve Relevant Footage Quickly

Retrieve recorded footage of specific events with unparalleled ease using MomentQuest. Simply input specific search criteria, such as motion within defined areas, object color or size, crossing of designated lines, and more. Within a matter of seconds, our VMS software displays a series of relevant video thumbnails, allowing you to swiftly navigate and identify the footage you need. Moreover, you can save search queries for future use on any camera within your surveillance system.

AI Powered Video Analytics

Discover the power of AI-driven video analytics in the Axxon One intelligent video management system. Our cutting-edge VMS software offers a revolutionary similarity search feature, allowing you to efficiently find individuals based on appearance similarity. Utilizing advanced video analytic software, our system extracts human appearance characteristics and stores them in a database. With this video analytics AI, you can quickly locate similar individuals in video footage from multiple cameras. Experience seamless integration and enhanced investigation capabilities with the Axxon One VMS software

Behavioral Analytics

Stay ahead of potential risks with Axxon One’s intelligent video surveillance and video analysis solutions. Our intelligent video management system offers advanced behavior analytics, recognizing specific human postures, such as raised arms or crouching. Early detection of situations of risk allows for swift alerts to first responders, minimizing risks for individuals, groups, and facilities. Discover the power of AI-based video analytics and reinforce security measures with the Axxon One top-notch video management software.

Retail Security and Efficiency

Ensure the safety of your store with Axxon One’s state-of-the-art retail security systems. Our solution covers every aspect of retail security, from monitoring entrances and exits to tracking suspicious behavior. 

At the core of Axxon One Retail Pack is our advanced video management software (VMS). It’s the foundation of an effective video management system that ensures the safety and security of your retail environ


Enhance your surveillance capabilities with Axxon One’s License Plate Recognition (LPR) feature. Our VMS software supports positive/negative list scenarios, automatically notifying the operator or opening the barrier. Experience efficient surveillance management with ANPR running on the server side or supported LPR/ANPR cameras. Trust in our video analytics platform and intelligent video management system to provide accurate real-time LPR, streamlining your security operations.

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