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Discreet Metal Detector 
for Security

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Key Features

Why choose MAGO?


Small and Discreet

MAGO metal detectors are tiny compared to conventional walk-through metal detectors. They are super discreet and can be deployed in corridors and walkways while being barely noticeable.


Low Cost

Compared to traditional walk-through metal detectors that you may see in high security areas e.g airports and train stations, MAGO metal detectors cost a just a fraction of the sum of money to deploy, maintain and transport.


Extremely Quick to Deploy

MAGO metal detectors are extremely quick and easy to deploy - just stick them on top of two queue poles and connect to a laptop and its done! This quality makes MAGO very suitable for any application which requires a security checkpoint to be set up quickly in a temporary environment.


Speed of Detection

Due to how MAGO metal detectors detect possible weapons, its speed of detection and agility is much faster than conventional walk-through metal detectors. This allows multiple subjects to pass through the threshold at the same time. Hence subjects may pass through freely, sometimes without noticing that they have passed through a security check.

How does it Work?

The MAGO Snooper DP is a micro version of MAD (Magnetic Anomaly Detector) sensor that is famous for SQUID sensor. SNOOPER has the ability to detect minute and nearby disturbances in Earth's magnetic field - caused by metal-carrying subjects passing through its detection zone. It also has its own digital signal processing to filter out false alarms. It is this working principle that allows MAGO's metal detectors to be extremely small in comparison to other conventional walk-through metal detectors.

MAGO is the world's first company to commercialize this type of micro MAD sensor for civilian applications.

The typical Snooper DP consists of two precision magnetic sensors and a digital signal processing controller. The sensors can be mounted on standard queue poles which make them look inconspicuous. 


The system forms an oval-shaped detection zone between two sensors and calculates the size of the moving metal object moving through the detection zone. If sufficient metal is detected, an alarm will be generated. The amount of metal required to cause an alarm is a configurable parameter within the digital signal processor.

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Snooper DP Software

The MAGO Snooper DP comes with a default Windows PC-Compatible software designed for system operators. From this software, operators are able to view readings from the sensors and CCTV snap shots associated with detection events (CCTV are provided separately by others). 

Other functions include audible alarms, system calibration and event logs.


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Snooper TP

For customers who do not prefer to connect the Snooper to a laptop, we have the optional Snooper TP Controller - a LCD Screen based handheld controller that allows the operator to view readings directly without the use of a laptop.

The Snooper TP Controller also comes with various in-built I/O ports such as dry contact relays for quick inter-operation with other devices and equipment 

The operator is also able to calibrate and adjust the sensitivity of the connected sensors from the Snooper TP Controller if required.


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